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Domain .com, ,           .org,           .eu,           .hu,           .net,          .info
Web space 500 MB
500 MB 1500 MB 1500 MB
up to 750 GB
Pages included (up to)Pages
This number only represents how many pages  are included in the package. We can create more for an additional fee. Or you can add more by yourself later, if you choose to administer your website yourself.

If you want, certain pages will only be accessible to those who registered on your site.
8 12 18 arbitrary
User account creationUser account creation
Your visitors can register on your site. You can specify certain content or downloadable files to be accessible for only those, who have registered on your site.

This is a great way to collect clients to whom you can send marketing communication.
Contact formContact form
How does this benefit you?

By making communication between you and your possible clients faster, you greatly increase the number of possible customers turning into real customers.

Instead of simply providing your email address, your website automatically comes with a contact form, which your visitors can use to contact you, without having to open their mailing program.
Besides translating the system itself (messages, forms, overall interface and so on), this professional functionality includes ALL our services listed below (webshop, newsletter manager and so on).

You have to provide the translation of your own content.
We can provide the translations of the main system for 50 languages.

The available languages of the different functionalities listed below vary, but they include most European languages. Don't hesitate to contact us, if you have questions about this, or any other  topic!

The translations are not machine-translations, each and every one of them was done by people speaking the language.
Newsletter manager basic basic advanced advanced arbitrary
Mailing ListsMailing Lists
Newsletters are managed by mailing lists and your visitors can subscribe to the lists. This allowes you to manage your newsletters and subscribers according to different topics, and send multiple newsletters of the same topic to the same set of subscribers.
You can set whether you want your visitors who register on your site to be automatically subscribed to a certain mailing lists.
Personal informationPersonal information
You can include personal information in your newsletters dynamically like name, username, email address, user group and so on.

This is useful if you want to personally address each and every one of your subscribers without having to write hundreads of "Dear XY".
Form validationForm validation
The subscription form on your page, which your visitors use to subscribe, is automatically checked upon completion. This check includes whether the email addresss is in the correct format, and that the name field only contains letters and so on.
Import subscribers from CSV filesImport subscribers from CSV files
You can import your existing client base from a CSV file directly into the mailing system and easily sort them through the mailing lists in the process.
Not only you will see how many people and when they opened your emails, you will also see WHO opened them which is invaluable in terms of marketing.
Link trackingLink tracking
You will be able to place links in your newsletters and track who clicked them.

With link tracking you can meaasure the effectiveness of the content of your email.

By seeing which link was clicked more often (and by who) you can see which topic is more interesting to your audience and who is interested in a certain topic.

How does this benefit you?
Having this data allows you to send marketing communication to a more targeted audience, thereby increasing your communication's effectiveness.
Auto-responder (email campaign)Auto-responder (email campaign)
You can set certain newsletters to be sent if a pre-defined number of days have passed after  registration.

Each and every newsletter in the auto-responder list can be set individually to be sent after a certain number of hours, days or weeks pass from the completion of the trigger condition.

For example, to set up a training course you can set it to automatically send a newsletter a week after the date of the user's registration, and then once again in the following week and so on.
You can set up a scheduler or "cron job," which will automatically send out your newsletters.

This allows you to conveniently set a time and date when you want your newsletters to be sent. The letters will be read into a queue, so you don't have to babysit the process.

If you don't use the scheduler, but use manual sending, you have to wait until all the mails are sent out and you cannot do anything on the site while the sending is in progress.
If you want, smart-newsletters automatically take out snipetts from every new content you place on your website and send it to your subscribers.

This feature is great when combined with a business blog. The email is automatically sent with a Read More button which directs the readers to the complete article on your site. 
Web shop products in newslettersWeb shop products in newsletters
You can quickly and easily place your products in your newsletters directly from your shop, without having to copy all the content, prices and pictures from your site.
Our website designs are always visually stunning and clean at the same time.

How does this benefit you?
Our design support the topic of your site while the cleanness of the design greatly increases usability to the ultimate satisfaction of your customers.
choose from 3
choose from 3
custom custom arbitrary
Download managerDownload manager
You can have any kind of file made downloadable on your site, and choose whether you want a particular file to be downloadable by anyone or only registered users.

How does this benefit you?
"Registered Only" downloadables are a great way to make your visitors register, thus increasing your user base which you can send marketing communication to.
Advanced GalleryAdvanced gallery
The gallery's features include categories, thumbnails, commenting images, rating images and categories, displaying EXIF information, geotagging, description or stories for images, slideshows, statistics.

You can choose whether you want certain images or categories to be only accessible for registered members or to anyone.
Forum Forum
You can have a forum on your site for your community to use for discussion of certain topics or support issues.

How does this benefit you?
Having self-generating community where people try to help each other, can immensly help you deal with the support issues.

In addition, a good community increases the trust in your visitors.

Your community can use the same login details for posting in the forum what they use to purchase products, download files and so on.
Web shop
Customer accountCustomer account
Your customers can create accounts on your site, which stores their shipping/payment details.

This way it's easier for returning customers to make purchases. This function is also essential for marketing purpouses.

This account is merged with the main system's account base, so the same account can be used to buy products, reach "registered only" sections of your site, download "registered only" files and so on.

Your customers can even browse their order history.
Product managementProduct management
Products are sorted into categories. They can have different custom attributes like color or size and can have "related products". 

Among many other things it is possible to define net and gross prices, long and short descriptions and attach multiple images.

Discounts can also be created, in which case the original price gets crossed out to show your visitors how much they save with the deal!

How does this benefit you?
The highlighted, crossed-out price gets the attention of the visitor, while displaying how much they save gives them more incentive for purchasing.

Capable of selling anythingCapable of selling anything
The web shop is so advanced, you can sell anything with it. Be it a physical product, downloadable product, a service, a subscription, or even tickets for an event.

The latter two require the Membership Control module or the Event registration module to be 100% functional.
Product testimonials / reviewsProduct testimonials / reviews
Product testimonials or reviews can be added to your products which are displayed on the product information page.

You can review the posted product testimonials before they finally appear on your website.

This is essential in making your visitors trust you and your services.

Nothing sells a product more effectively then, other people's good opinios.
Stock level controlStock level control
Each product can be set a stock value. Upon reaching zero, an out of stock message will appear for that specific product.

A "product is back in stock" message can be sent to subscribers!
Emails, invoice and feeds Emails, invoice and feeds
The webshop automatically sends emails to both you and the customers confirming registration, order and order status change.

The invoice can be fully customized to your needs.

Order follow-up emails can also be sent automatically for marketing purposes.

RSS feed can also be set up for product categories!
Coupon codes are invaluable marketing tools. You can direct the focus of your visitors to certain products and increase interest in your readers.

By giving an expiry date, you can urge your customers to buy your products faster.

You can send them in email, define an expiration date, define the number of uses, choose if you want them to act as percentage or fixed amount or even make them dependent on the value of a purchase
The cart is a great way to enable your customers to buy multiple products in one purchase!
Any kind of payment methodAny kind of payment method
You can have any kind of payment method set up on your site, be it purchase order, wire transfer, credit card, cash on delivery, paypal, 2Checkout, eWay, Worldpay, PayMate,  NoChex, Google Checkout and so on.

You can even have multiple payment methods to make sure you provide your customers with maximum comfort.
Any kind of shipping methodAny kind of shipping method
You can have any kind of shipping method set up on your site, be it local post, Royal Mail, InterShipper, UPS, USPS, FedEx and so on.
Order managementOrder management
Every time an order comes in, you as the store owner receive an email notification. You can view the order history or even edit different orders.
Affiliate program for the web shop
Commission for your referrersCommission for your referrers
You can reward the people who refer you. This reward can be a fraction of the sales value they generate (percentage, fix amount or even based on the number of clicks the visitor makes on your site).

You can decide if you want to pay them right away, or at any pre-defined day of the month.Your affiliate system can manage up to 5 tiers of referrers, each tier with its own commission amount.
Track visits and salesTrack visits and sales
The system automatically tracks visitors who were referred to you by your referrer.

If they make a purchase in your online store, a pre-defined amount of money or a percentage of the purchase will be automatically recorded in your referrer's account.
Provide advertising materialProvide advertising material
Image banners or text advertisements, which your referrers can use for their ad campaigns, can quickly and easily be created with the built-in tool.
Multi-tier affilaite trackingMulti-tier affiliate tracking
By setting up multiple affiliate tiers you can reward the referrer of your referrer.

The tracker can handle up to 5 tiers of affiliates!
Web shop statistics
Product, order, sales and income statistics.
Order, product, stock level and sales reports directly to your email. And it doesn't end here!

You will also receive abandoned carts reports showing you detailed information on where people break off the checkout process on your site!

Do you not provide the neccessary payment method? Are the packaging or shipping fees to high? By analyzing the abandoned carts report, you will know what to improve on your checkout process.
Heatmap (sales by country), coupon, order and discount analysis.

How does this benefit you?
By analizing your webshop's strengths and weaknesses you will be able to see the productive and counterproductive practices on your site.

You will be able to make changes that positively impact your site.
Google Analytics integrationGoogle Analytics integration
Google Analytics is the enterprise-class web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness.

With Google Analytics you will be able to view ANY kind of analysis you ever dreamed of for your site.

How does this benefit you?
With Google Analytics, you're more prepared to write better-targeted articles and strengthen your marketing initiatives.

You will be able to better understand your visitors and that will give you a great advantage.
Security System
Continuously scans the server for any suspicious activity.

Upon identifying hacking behaviour, the system blocks the hacker's IP address, denying them any access to the site.

The scanner offers multiple layers of protection and filtering techniques.
Scans the existing files and folders on the server for suspicious lines of code.

Infected files can then be cleaned so that no harm comes to the original file, but the suspicious lines of the code are deleted.
The system disables the admin user after a pre-defined amount of unsuccesful login attemts.

This ensures that the administrator area is not accessible by trial-and-error attempts.
Masking the administrator areaMasking the administrator area
The login page of the administrator area is masked with a password in the URL (not identical with the login password).

A password is not only needed to login to the admin area but also to access the login page of the admin area.
RSA encryption for formsRSA encryption for forms
The forms on your site are encrypted, so that sensitive information is passed on securely to the server.

This includes EVERY form (even those specially requested for special purposes) on your site.
SSL encryption for the webshopSSL encryption for the web shop
Your web shop can be protected by SSL encryption which remains unbroken to this day.

For this, we will have to buy an SSL certificate for you, which is $82 / year.
Admin login confirmationAdmin login confirmation
When the administrator user logs in to the administrator area he/she receives a dynamically created code (different code on every login) by email, which is required to proceed further.

Only upon entering the code received in the email is the administrator fully capable of using the admin area.

This ensures that even if someone steals your administrator login name and password, no harm will come to your website, since the impostor would also need to have access to your emails.
Event registration
Membership Control
Help Desk applicationHelp Desk application
With a help desk application your visitors can post tickets on your site concerning various topics and issues. The system keeps track of the tickets posted by various people. Both you and the person who posted the ticket receive an notification email when the ticket is updated.

How does this benefit you?
By making communication between you and your possible clients faster, you greatly increase the number of possible customers turning into real customers.

By using a ticket system, you can keep it all organized.
Live Support applicationLive Support application
With a live support application your visitors can contact you directly via a simle chat program embedded into your site.

How does this benefit you?
By making communication between you and your possible clients fast and effective, you greatly increase the number of prospective customers turning into real customers.

By using a live support application you are maximizing your chances to remove your visitor's doubts about your products or services.

Earning your visitor's trust is essential in running a successful web shop.
Business blogBusiness blog
How does this benefit you?
Having a page where your visitors can always return to for fresh, weekly information abouth a topic that is interesting for them is an invaluable asvantage.

Not only does it greatly increase the trust in your visitors toward you, but you can keep their focus on your services for a long time.

Also, countinuously providing quality content in your business blog will greatly increase your site's value in the eyes of the search engines.

Your visitors can use the same login details they use to download files or purchase products in your shop to write comments on your blog.
Custom designed form for any purpose
CRM integration
Lead form creationLead form creation
Creatin of a form which stores the registrations as Leads in the CRM. 
Search engine optimizationSearch engine optimization

How does this benefit you?
SEO is crucial to anyone who wants a site crowded with visitors.

This is a fairly long process, and could take weeks if not months. Keep in mind that while SEO is essential, content is king. Without rich and quality content on your site, SEO will not do you much good.
We provide a live training course if you need help with managing the website yourself.

How does this benefit you?
By managing the website yourself, you can freely do anything with it. Create new content, add new products, change anything on your site.
Website management
Web shop management
CRM management

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